Are you running business critical ETL jobs on unsupported DataManager software?

What happens when you have to apply a patch or upgrade hardware and DataManager no longer runs?

Do you know that if your DataManager licenses are still in support IBM has already given you DataStage Workgroup licenses?

If you have supported IBM DataManager licenses then IBM has already migrated them to IBM DataStage Workgroup.

There is no need to buy a new ETL tool, you already have the best one in the world – but you may be worried about the task of migrating your code to DataStage.

Saphere can migrate your DataManager environment, jobs and job streams to the current version of DataStage with zero impact on your source or target databases.

With over 15 years experience with DecisionStream and then DataManager, and the Cognos Performance Applications powered by DataManager, we truly understand the complexity of DataManager jobs and job-streams like nobody else. We can see what’s hidden in undocumented features and we miss nothing.

Our aim is to minimise impact and keep your existing data warehouse running and unchanged whilst we seamlessly recreate your ETL in DataStage and migrate in small and easily managed stages.

We will help you through all stages of the project from initial assessment, planning and recoding to testing, deployment and ongoing support.

We can also help you keep your existing DataManager system running whilst we plan for the migration to DataStage.

Why risk your business on unsupported software?

Call now to discuss your options.

View our DataManager and DataStage sheet below.