Planning & Performance Management

Are you exposing your business to serious risk from poor working capital management practices?

The current squeeze on cash and credit is threatening the survival of many businesses. Working capital requirements are having a direct impact on the market valuation of a business, which in turbulent times falls under even greater scrutiny by shareholders and investors. Good working capital management has never been so important. But just how confident are you that you have an accurate view of your organisation’s current cash flow and liquidity?

Spreadsheets are too risky for cash management
Critical financial analysis around General Ledger, Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payable cannot be left to spreadsheet manipulation. Data entry errors can create inaccurate figures that are then communicated to the business. Our experience shows that finance departments often struggle to deliver, in a consistent way, the “truth”.
Your management team cannot afford to make business decisions based on poor financial analysis.

Finance can lead the business through uncertain times
With adversity comes opportunity. Now is the time for the Finance function to drive performance management process excellence and report the financials with confidence. It’s your opportunity to show the value that Finance can add in growing the business even through uncertain times

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